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Manna Food Bank is a local community partnership project managed within the Parish of Staines.

The PCC of the Parish of Staines is a registered charity (no. 1132534)



How we work
How we work

Manna operates by referral.  We accept referrals from a wide variety of statutory and voluntary organisations and individuals.  


Once Manna receives a referral, we will contact the client and arrange a suitable delivery time.  Manna delivers all food parcels to clients.  This makes it easier for someone struggling to get the help they need and enables us to develop a relationship with the client. 


Our food parcels contain food and household essentials expected to be sufficient for seven days.   We do realize however that not all problems can be solved immediately therefore Manna will provide up to two food parcels per individual or family. Each new food parcel delivery requires a new referral.


Manna food parcels are made up primarily of tinned and packet food as we do not have storage provisions for fresh food.  We will, funds permitting, purchase bread, butter, milk and cheese on the day of our delivery to complete the parcel.


We make deliveries on Tuesday morning, Wednesday evening, and Friday morning. 


We have also provided small parcels of ready-to-eat food to clergy for immediate, on-the-spot assistance.  


Some examples of people we have helped:

  • A family where the grandchildren are now living with the family due to health issues with the parents
  • A woman whose benefit money was stolen
  • A case where disability benefits was stopped
  • A family with unexpected expenses who couldn’t make things stretch

Telephone - 07776 309390

Email -


Manna was started by a committee of people from the Spelthorne community working together – we operate under the auspices of the Parish of Staines for administrative purposes, but we are a community based organization that will serve anyone in need in Spelthorne regardless of their religious beliefs.  

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